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Well on second thought a meme is pretty close to junk mail. THANKS Mr. Granito. So I hate to disappoint him, but I had already been tagged by my friend Diane Cordell in New York, and I tagged Valerie Byrd-Fort, who I think tagged Fran (Booklover472), who tagged Granito, who has so graciously returned the favor to me. I imagine he checked my other blog and knew I had been tagged already there, which is why he got this one. Man I have got to recruit some contributors so I don’t have to continue the vicious cycle.

Here are 7 random and useless facts that are important only to me:

  1. I have worked in no less than 7 schools in assorted teaching positions, including every grade b/w 3rd-8th, and I have been in a school library at every level, k-12 in my 22 years in this profession. Disclaimer: Each job change (except the current one) was a direct result of my husband changing jobs, causing us to physically move. Ahh the life of a high school coach’s wife! He has finally given up coaching and is now an assistant principal here. (But he is thinking about going back to coaching and teaching…and moving here–which means for once he will change jobs b/c of me! I love that guy!)
  2. I do not have a favorite book or author b/c I can be talked into a different favorite at any given moment. Strange for a school teacher-librarian, huh?
  3. I broke my nose when I was fifteen. We were visiting Myrtle Beach, and a group of us went “pool-hopping” along the beach-front. Somebody jumped in as I was coming up to get out, and not only did I have my nose broken, they were wearing cut off jeans, and a snap ripped my cheek open, and I obtained two black eyes. This was the beginning of one of those weeklong vacations, and so I was tragically a FRIGHT for the remainder of the week. For a 15yo, any mar on the face is traumatic. Quite possibly the WORST vacation ever.
  4. I caught mononucleosis (“mono”) from my first ever boyfriend. It was our first kiss that did it. Bedridden for days! He got it too. We never decided who gave it to whom.
  5. I had strep throat during both my Thanksgiving vacation and my Christmas vacation in one year. Absolute sickest I’ve ever been. I returned from Thanksgiving break still feeling a bit puny, but well enough to come back to school. We had three weeks before Christmas, and I had a student who missed almost two weeks of school, but came back on the last day before Christmas break. I hugged her and welcomed her back, and everyone was so excited to see her. We all asked her where she’d been, and she said she had been out with a bad case of strep throat. I SWEAR as soon as she said it, my throat began hurting. Absolutely felt like I was swallowing glass. (Aren’t I a good storyteller? But this is absolutely true!)
  6. My husband is 7.5 years older than me. When I first met him, he was a 2nd year Algebra teacher in my high school where I was a senior. I worked as an assistant in the office, and was sent to the athletic office with a stack of forms. We bumped into each other in a stairwell, and he caused me to drop all the papers. He shrugged, said, “Oops, sorry!” and kept right on going, not offering to help me pick them up in the least. I hated him from then until we met again 4 years later. He swears this never happened. Just goes to show I wasn’t even a blip on his radar then, which makes me glad to know he was not interested in high school girls. Yes he was cute then, but I was so mad.
  7. We rekindled our relationship while I was beginning my junior year in college and he was then in his 5th year teaching. I swore to him that I would NEVER see him, and that I did not like him at all, that I would never leave my current boyfriend for him, and that I would NEVER forget the stairway incident. I worked at Burger King, and so he came up to see me after football practice everyday. I kept telling him to go away, and that I had a boyfriend (who was away at school too.) But he would not. Finally one day after work, tired and smelling like french fries, I did not have a ride home. He offered to drive me home, and crazily I accepted the offer. I hugged my door ready to jump right out all the way home. I trembled b/c I didn’t feel like I knew him well enough to accept a ride like that, and was absolutely scared to death. But I arrived safe and sound at home (I still lived at home with my parents while in college) and sat in the driveway talking to him forever. He would not let me go in until I let him kiss me, and the rest is history. When I told my Mom I wanted to date him, she said I was too young to be going out with a grown man. I guess she was wrong b/c we’ve been married for 22 years. Joe Dowling, principal at St. James High School right here in the district was a groomsman in my wedding. Joe and my husband are close friends.

Okay–I’m supposed to list the rules and tag seven folks, but since this meme has come full circle to me again, I am officially ending it here. I hope his other tags carry it on.

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  1.   mrgranito | January 18th, 2008 at 12:38 pm     

    Oh…I thought you were going to have the kids complete the meme. By the way…how did you get a pass for the staff development day? I wanted to show you my new toy and pick your brain for my wiki project. I’m trying to get the project directions up on my wiki… mrgranito.wikispaces.com, but I just can’t find time.

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