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Okay I must admit I am probably the world’s (almost) devoted fan of Google.  I especially  LOVE holidays @ Google. Did anyone see the Google logo today in honor of Valentine’s Day??  How CUTE was that? (I would picture one here but then I would not be copyright compliant since I did not ask permission.)  Google does this just about every holiday or special day, and I always visit (having to LEAVE me iGoogle page) just to see what cute, funny, or metaphorical creation they have come up with as the Google logo. Link here to see some retired logos from past holidays.

Check out Doodle 4 Google, and art contest especially for k12 students.  You can design a logo that may be selected to showcase in the near future, and you will get FULL credit.   Let me know if you are interested. I can sponsor your entry, and Ms. Devine in the art room has agreed to sponsor it as well.  Get drawing! Show us your creative juices!! No computers necessary.


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